Backdrop Outlet – User Interaction Redesign


The Challange:

Backdrop Outlet is a on demand print company specializing in backdrops for photographers. Their number one selling backdrop is the custom backdrop; customers submit artwork or have a designer create custom artwork to be printed on a backrop. Since the products launch there was a huge spike in the number of customer calls with question regarding the order process, artwork requirments and shipping times. This was causing customer service issues as employees were unable to manage the amount of call ins. They needed a new way to promote the product and decrese customer questions.


Research and Analysis:

The first step was to conduct research on customer behavior. What was preventing them from purchasing, what problems or questions did they have that were not being answered, was the process of selecting a backdrop confusing? I consulted with the customer service department and generated a list of the most common questions customers call in with. I also installed and monitored a heatmapping software in order to track visitor’s clicking and browsing behavior. 




Development and Design:

After my analysis was complete I devised that almost every customer coming to the site for a custom backdrop is there for that product and that product alone. The most effective way to promote a single product for web is with the a sales landing page. From there I created wireframe mockups based on effective sales landing page strategies, laying out the page with a directed call to action button followed by information answering the most common questions customers have when ordering. 
















Taking it a step further I also created a step by step web app making it easier for customers to go through the ordering process. Each step was designed to answer key questions they may have and upsell them on extra backdrop accessoies. 





When lauching the page I created an A/B test experiment using Google analytics to record any change in customer behavior. The page has been live for now for 4 months and has resulted in a 80% decrease in customer calls for questions related to custom backdrops and a 50% in total sales of custom backdrops.