HARIATMA – Logo and website design

The Objective:

Hariatma is a company dealing with resources and education around childbirth, pregnancy and postpartum yoga. The owner Key hired me to redesign her logo and create her a new website.

Development and Strategy:

The content of the new Hariatma website was meant to be kept simple serving a few main purposes. In general there were two main objectives, informing people about the services provided by Keyra and giving them a schedule of upcoming classes and workshops. The homepage would then serve as a hub to these two objectives, as well as to the Hariatma social channels.



Hariatma also needed a logo to better reflect the company’s ideals. The meaning of the sanskrit word Hariatma is connecting the soul to infinity. Originally Keyra wanted her logo to visually reflect something spiritually powerful and inspiring deep reflection. Her current symbol had very powerful sacred geometry using triangles, diamonds and circles and even a cross with lots of spirals. The main problem is it was very busy and did not translate well for print and web. 






After conversing about the direction we concluded that the new branding should reflect a fun, modern feel, yet embrace powerful, caring imagery all at the same time.