MindBody Mobile Icon Design – (Ongoing)

The Challange:

MINDBODY found me through my Dribbble account and was interesting in a consultation on some new icons they needed developed for their upcoming moble app. I instantly jumped at the chance to extend my portfolio and also work with such an outstanding company.

Like most projects, this one started with a brief and a quick chat with lead art director who was in charge of this project – the direction he wanted to take was pretty clear; clean mini icons that are very simple shapes but also encompess a lot of personality. 



Research, Sketch and Brainstrom:

Usually an iconography project starts with an exploration of themes (visual directions the iconography could take). I researched different existing icons in the market today to try and become clear on the best direction for designing them. At this point I also did a heap of sketching and doodles  – with the intention of getting my head around the best way to represent a certain activity in picture icon form. Sketching form me is always a crucial part of the process in order to do a bit of trial and error and split the good from the bad.




Rough Draft Submissions:

After about a week of reseach I came up with four different directions but had to revise them further. The area for each icon was at max 100px100px!


I realized that I needed to simply the icons even further so they could fit in the app interfeace corectly.



Final Icons Approved:

Once a final direction was approved I was able to move on to the next phase and create icons for each activity and wellness program. The hardest part of this task was trying to clearly create the human form and show personality in such a small space. 



Time To Animate:

This is where I am now. Having completed all of the icon designs I am now animating each one using After Effects. Because these will also have to be translatable into a coding format for app usage I have to painstakingly keyframe each movement using no external scripts or expressions. The process is time comsuming but is giving a greater understanding of animation practices and After Effects workflows.